Dealer 789BET



No registration fee, unlimited income, make money anytime, anywhere.


The customer who loses to the agent receives a commission, the winner receives an unlimited salary.


With a strong, dedicated support staff ready to help you 24/7 when you need it.


The top commission rate in the online betting market, monthly income of 100 million or more is not a dream.


What you need to do is sign up for an AFFILIATE account and "START MAKING MONEY !"

Click on the "Register" section and fill in the required information exactly. After that, you need to contact Telegram: 789bet agent or 789BET 24/7 customer service care for assistance in completing the registration procedure.

Successful application for partnership after successful creation needs to contact 789BET for review, after reaching an agreement on the support partner policy that will activate your affiliate account and affiliate link for you.

Calculation data will be compiled from 00:00 hrs on the first day of the month to 23:59:59 (GMT+8) on the last day of the month. The payment period is from the 3rd to the 5th of the next month with the agent report. Commissions of up to 60% will be transferred directly to the previously provided correspondent bank account.



Hundred million income

  • Total losses > 1000k
  • 5 New customers deposit 2000k
  • Visitor revenue over 5.000k

Income in the hundreds of millions

  • Total losses > 2 billion
  • 5 New customers deposit 2000k
  • Visitor revenue over 5.000k

Income per billion

  • Total losses > 5 billion
  • 5 New customers deposit 2000k
  • Visitor revenue over 5.000k

Income over tens of billions

  • Total losses > 10 billion
  • 5 New customers deposit 2000k
  • Visitor revenue over 5.000k


Old members, new members require in the month each guest to deposit more than 2 million, total valid bets over 5 million to be eligible.

There are 3 deposit transactions in a month, login time to bet at least 3 times in a month.

Condition New member Former member Gross load per member Total bet per member Real profit
30% > 5 2000 5000 < 2 billion
45% >3 Required 2000 5000 < 2 billion
50% >5 Required 2000 5000 < 5 billion
55% > 5 Required 2000 5000 < 10 billion
60% > 5 Required 2000 5000 > 10 billion

Commission calculation formula

Commission = (( Total winnings - rebates - promotions - event activities) - (Total winnings and losses x 10% management fee )) x % profit commission in the table above.

Net Profit:

How is the actual total negative profit for the month calculated?
-The total negative profit of the member is calculated based on the actual amount of money that the guest deposited and deducted (refunds and promotions if any), if in the month the member has a positive total profit will be deducted the following month.
For example, the agent calculates the total number of winnings and losses in the month as:
+ 1st month lost 300 million (no commission)
+ 2nd month lost 200 million (no commission)
+ The 3rd month won 800 million (commission is calculated as follows):
Losing 1 month + 2 months - winning March: 300 + 200 - 800 = 300 million negative profits.

Requirements for dealers:

- Log in at least 5 times (5 days)
- Positive profit figures will be subtracted from the following months
- Lottery player do not apply
- Not cooperating with a lottery dealer

Bonus exceeds the target (only applies to agents who do not have negative profits that meet the new guest requirements)

5 800,000 1,288
10 1,500,000 2,588
15 3,500,000 6,588
30 5,000,000 15,888
60 10,000,000 35,888
120 35,000,000 128,888

- New members require a total transaction of 2 million or more with a total valid bet of 5 million, in the month there are 3 deposit transactions, login time to bet at least 3 times in the month.

- Only when the agent completes the target but in the month there is no negative profit, there is a bonus, there is no limit to the number of cumulative bonus receipts, but each agent can only receive a maximum of 2 times continuously.

- The functional department will approve the number of reloads and the total number of valid bets, if fraud is detected, we have the right to revoke the promotion status of the agent member.

Eligible new members Valid bets > deposits Bonus
>5 5 First deposit * 8%

- New members require a total transaction of 2 million or more with a total valid bet of 5 million, in the month there are 3 deposit transactions, login time to bet at least 3 times in the month.

What is the 789BET Agent Program?

You become a 789BET partner by referring, attracting members to register an account and playing on 789BET under your Affiliate code. You will receive a commission based on the total monthly losses of members under your Affiliate code.

How do I register to become a 789BET Agent? Do I need capital or fees?

Becoming an Affiliate of 789BET is completely free. You just need to go to the Registration section >> Fill in complete and accurate information as required. Then contact via telegram channel for detailed advice and support and account activation.

If I don't have my own website, what can I join?

789BET encourages affiliates to have their own website to effectively serve the search for downline members. However, you can still become an Affiliate of 789BET without having your own website. 789BET does not limit how affiliate members are searched. The more efficiently the Agent operates, the higher the commission received.

Why was my affiliate application rejected?

After you complete registration, within 24 hours, you need to contact an agent for activation support. Your application being rejected may be due to your wrong name, wrong email, wrong phone number or no contact.

Could I change my personal information (full name, phone number, email...)?

You cannot change your personal information. You should pay attention to register fully and with the right information from the beginning. If your registration is incorrect, you can request that 789BET cancel the application and re-register 1 new Affiliate account.

What should I do if I forget my password??

You can contact the agent support specialist to provide 1 number of relevant information for verification and the password will be provided to your agent's email.

Is the Agent 's information confidential?

At 789BET, all information of both members and affiliates is completely secure and encrypted. We always put the safety of our customers first.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to the security of your information first. We keep your personal data confidential and do not disclose this information to any third party, except as required by law enforcement or need to provide payment service support information to complete necessary transactions through our website. All personal information provided by you is transmitted via Secure Socket (standard 128-bit encryption SSL) and stored with the highest security mode. All internally accessed data will be restricted and closely monitored.

How do I get my commission?

The Affiliate's monthly commission will be automatically transferred to the affiliate's registered bank account between the 3rd and 5th of the following month.

What is the minimum commission?

The minimum commission for 789BET to pay is VND 1,000,000. In case your commission is less than VND 1,000,000, this amount will not be reserved and accrued to the next month's commission.

Why positive revenue?

That's when your downline member wins. This means that the company is not profitable and you will be charged a commission. Positive returns will also be deducted from the next month's commission.

How are commissions calculated?

Commission = ((Total winnings - rebates - promotions - event activities) - (Total winnings and losses x 10% of management fees)) x % profit commission in the table above..

How many members do I need to start receiving commissions?

Affiliates need to have a minimum of 05 (five) active members per month to be able to start receiving commissions. Active members are counted as members with at least 01 (one) bet ticket in the month.

How do I know if that customer is referring me?

After successfully registering an affiliate account, you will have your own link and affiliate code. Members who register under your Affiliate code will be counted as your downline members.

How to get a separate link and affiliate code?

You log in to your Affiliate account >> Select the contest tools section. Here you will see your Affiliate link for both desktop and mobile versions.